Nathaniel preview

This is my little fennec fox inspired Nathaniel. I’ve worked on him for quite a while. At one point he was actually furry. But I didn’t like the way the “then final” result looked all that much. So I skinned him and started over. I’m actually pretty happy with the way he looks now. Even if he turned out looking a lot sweeter than what I had originally intended. He is still not completely finished. For one thing I have to redo his pants. I accidentally ripped the thread right out and thereby one side of the pants almost completely open. And his arms aren’t nearly finished. I’m not sure if I  want to recreate the string structure that he has on his face or just rather paint some tibetan tattoos or something onto them . But I finished his Set this past week and just felt like taking some photos anyway. He is supposed to be an Inventor. Therefor he was in an urgent need of a working bench ;-D In my head I’ve pretty much created a world of my own for my characters that is expanding progressively. He is one of the more important ones so he had to turn out good.




More pictures will follow 🙂

Little Giraffe Thingie

Nothing fancy, just a little purple giraffe throphy thingie I made for my best friend. So there is nothing more to say about it really 😉







First of my zodiac sign stags. Why stags? Because I just really like stags 😉 He was also a birthday gift for a friend.


I personally believe he came out the prettiest this far. His head isn’t as wide and his antlers are much more symmetric. They don’t look symmetric in the pictures, but they really are in reality.







Sagittarius My Love


This is the most recent of a series of zodiac sign trophy stags I’ve been making the last couple of months. Well so far I’ve only finished three. But Pisces and Gemini are already in progress.This one has been the birthday gift for my older sister last year. Since her sign is sagittarius and she liked the first two ( Libra and Cancer) very much.

Side note* I don’t believe in horoscopes at all….and unfortunately the photos are messy as usual…


I can’t explain why I felt the need to post pics of this one first.I personally think he is the least pretty of them. His head came out too wide and therefore the antlers are way spaced apart. But oh well you never get it perfect I guess and my sister still says she likes him, so someone else might like him too.


In the Beginning there was a Unicorn…


My friend and I used to craft things we found on pinterest for each other. We would make similar things after pretty much everthing that inspired us. She made me a beautiful doll-bookstand that looked like a treestump with a face and in exchange requested a trophy unicorn resembling this one

So I made her this little thing



Quite a bit smaller than the scale I usually work with. But she was building a little witchhouse at the time and needed something that could go over the fireplace to fit her own scale.


I loved working on this project so much, that I decided to make some more unicorns for myself or rather to give to friends. (I don’t take any credit for the original idea behind this! There was no ulterior motive in seeling these. I merley made them for myself.)

This is what I originally started with. Air drying clay, two beads and a toothpick.


Also paperboard, popsicle sticks and more beads.


And then I made my first drafts with paperclay and more popsicle sticks.


I almost freaked out in the sculpting process, since it was so hard to get them to look alike. Not just sizewise. And one of them has always had a piggy nose, which I tried to make less visible when finishing it…but obviously I failed in doing so. But oh well, it is somehow endearing I think 😉


Some Dollhair had to be cut to de-bald my colourful “Babies”, but it was really cool to experiment with different colour schemes and hairstyles. But some things can’t be hidden by hairstyle….



little piggy nose

My camera isn’t the best, so they look quite blurred in the pictures and considerably less pretty than in reality. Even if I have to admit that I’d make them fairly neater now or reshape their faces somewhat.

I was making tons of mistakes in the working process…well I quess I still am sometimes. Well maybe not so much mistakes rather than things you could avoid or steps to make the whole process quicker or simpler :\ But you learn something from each project I suppose and you’re constantly getting better. I still haven’t finished their back sides though…I probably never will…but it was a fun making them and figuring out what was possible.

Einhorn gelb 1

Einhorn schwarz 1

Einhorn rosa1

Hope you like them, so long



Making Dolls?!

An activity that occupies one’s spare time pleasantly…for me it has always been playing with Dolls.

I don’t no where I got this from….my whole life, I’ve been obsessed with dolls! Barbie Dolls, Bratz, My Scene, Vintage Dolls, BJD’s…you name it! I had it… or wanted it 😉

I’ll probably go into this in more detail if anyone cares. But for now, I think it’s enough to say that I’ve spend 26 years figuring out what I wanted to do with my life, when I actually knew it all along. Making Dolls and building places for them to live in.


I’m Mizzi and I make Dolls

Ratte 1

I’m not good at introducing myself…but oh well…Mizzi is my actual name. I mean technically it’s Anne-Mizzi. I’ve been making sculptures and art dolls for about 1 and a half to 2 years now. I mean I didn’t just start to sculpt then, but before I mainly drew. this is where you can find my old drawings and stuff if you’re interested. It took me a while to figure out that not only am I much better at crafting something out of clay and mixed media, but that I also enjoy it so much more. I still draw occasionally, but I love creating something you can actually touch and fell the texture of it so much more. So much for an introduction 😉